The dust that rises lightly a second before we hear the crunch of tires on gravel, the scent of saltiness in the air in the early morning hours as we travel up and down hills that give a glimpse of the sea. The enveloping resin of beech and chestnut trees as we pass through the forests of Mount Amiata, Mugello and the Apuan Alps.

The awe and admiration that very often require us to draw breath, to slow down the pace of travel to really look at the landscape, the scenery that has suddenly revealed itself, unexpected though familiar, and always dazzlingly beautiful.

The murmur that greets us at the gates of the village before a stop dedicated to flavors. The excitement and adrenaline that wakes us up before a cycling event that involves a friendly challenge with our teammates or a challenge with ourselves.

We are in Tuscany and we are pedaling!

Etruscan Coast-Populonia-photo by Enrico-Caracciolo
Etruscan Coast Populonia photo by Enrico Caracciolo

The Atlas

Tuscany is the first region to create the Atlas of cycling routes. CCicloways, permanent low-traffic routes, and cycle routes are the stars of theAtlas of Bicycle Routes. A magnificent narrative that will include up to 20,000 km of the region’s routes, revealed as a fabric, a sometimes sparser and sometimes denser weave that allows us to understand through the magnifying glass of the bicycle, the gentleness of the landscapes and climate, the harmonious relationship between man and the environment, the centuries-old history, the experience of culture and beauty, all within reach of the pedal.

The routes are divided by difficulty, type of bicycle and location, designed and created by experienced cyclists and guides taking into account natural beauty, passion for the area and traditions, food and wine, and the heritage of cities of art and authentic villages.

The events

Passion for cycling, curiosity about the area, wanting to meet local communities and traditions, respect for the environment, and a desire for sustainable travel are some of the motivations that lead us to cycle in Tuscany. So is wanting to feel part of a community by participating in an event with a strong identity character like many of those on the Tuscan calendar. Among the most iconic The Eroica which celebrated its 25th anniversary, Strade Bianche which sees professionals and amateurs from around the world gather in Siena on the first weekend of March, or self-supported events such as the Tuscany Trail which celebrates its 10th edition this year with thousands of fans from more than 40 countries around the world.

Planning the trip

The journey never starts when we physically leave, but it starts much earlier, when we dream it and when we plan it. Our journey in Tuscany begins on theAtlas, with dreams of traveling new roads and new places, perhaps inspired by the sense of freedom that two wheels give, by the story, the photo, the event we encounter while exploring and planning it on VisitTuscany

Pedaling off-the-beaten-track roads that satisfy our sense of discovery, services along the routes, and detailed traces of each route make it possible to turn the dream of an immersive, in-touch vacation with the soul of places and people into reality.

A dense network of operators contribute to such a dream and become facilitators for the complete organization, from the single experience, to the day tour, to the week-long vacation or sports event always with the bicycle as the protagonist of our emotions.

is our destination before we leave, Tuscany our destination for cycling, for being surprised by the scents, the changing colors and scenery, for alternating the pleasure of cycling with the pleasure of experiencing Italian life, good food and meeting local communities.

Tuscany Etruscan Coast
Etruscan Coast

Where to go?

We would like to set out on the Reclamation Trail, arriving by train, to travel 60 kilometers of peace and tranquility, crossing the Valdichiana Senese and Aretina, observing the changing landscape, the agricultural crops, how the hand of man has reclaimed these lands, leaving us enchanted by the colors of Lake Chiusi and the Nature Reserve of Lake Montepulciano.

We would like to set out to ride in the postcard that the world knows as the Monumental Avenue of the Cypresses of Bolgheri, to delve into the inner alleys of the castle of the same name, resume the Wine Route by meeting Giusuè Carducci at his home in Castagneto and continue the 44-kilometer loop of many flavors between land and sea that the Etruscan Coast can give.

We would like to set out for the mountains, the ones that get white in winter and the rest of the year are discovered by mountain biking, telling about sports, history and nature. Starting from Abetone Pass alternating between nature and culture with the Museum of the Gothic Line in Pianosinatico
and the Museum of the People of the Pistoian Apennines
to conclude theAbetone Ring with the Museum of Skiing.

Tuscany Pistoia Mountains
Tuscany Pistoia Mountains

We would like to set out on the Ways of Dante in Tuscany, in the footsteps of the great poet, perhaps alternating the two-wheelers with the historic train of the same name that we can intertwine at some points along the route and always loading the bike on the same. Starting from Florence, following the many suggestions that the cultural and historical itinerary offers us to Marradi, retracing its places and works.

We would like to leave for? Anywhere in Tuscany to ride in company or solo, to slow the speed of thoughts on a timeless journey.