During the Cycle Tourism Show, don’ t miss the opportunity to explore the city and participate in bike tours created especially for visitors .

Let’s look at the five things not to miss in the city and how to sign up for bike tours.

1. Piazza Maggiore

We are in the living heart of Bologna, the beautiful Piazza Maggiore, which is only a fifteen-minute walk from the station or a five-minute bike ride away.

Piazza Maggiore Bologna, source: www.bolognawelcome.com

Standing out in the center of Piazza Maggiore is the majestic “Crescentone,” an elevated pavement of pink and white granite. Surrounded by some of the city’s most prestigious buildings, this place is a real gem to explore. Here you will find Palazzo D’Accursio, which houses the City Hall and the Clock Tower; the majestic Basilica of San Petronio; the striking Palazzo dei Banchi, a building of great charm; and finally the Palazzo del Podestà.

2. San Petronio

The Basilica of San Petronio is the spiritual heart of Bologna and one of the most impressive churches in Europe. Built between the 14th and 17th centuries, it is dedicated to the city’s patron saint and can be visited free of charge. Its facade remains unfinished, evident in the absence of marble cladding at the top, while inside is the world’s longest sundial, carved into the floor.

3. Archiginnasio Palace

Crossing the striking Portico del Pavaglione, to the left of the magnificent Basilica of San Petronio, we come upon the entrance to the Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio. This building, the oldest of the University of Bologna, dating from 1562-1563, now houses the university library. Inside, with a €3 entrance fee, you can explore the Teatro Anatomico, where anatomy classes were held, and the Stabat Mater room, the scene of the first performance of this Rossini opera.

4. The little window

The Finestrella, source: www.bolognawelcome.com

During the Middle Ages, Bologna was crisscrossed by an intricate system of canals, used to feed silk mills and to facilitate the transportation of goods and people. Over time, many of these canals have been buried for hygienic or practical reasons. However, even today it is still possible to glimpse one of them: the Moline Canal. This ancient canal, a witness to the city’s past, can be admired through a charming little window hidden under the portico of Piella Street, also known as “Little Venice.”

5. San Luca

For green lovers, there is another must-see experience: the world’s longest portico, which stretches from the old town to the surrounding hills. Four kilometers long, this portico leads all the way to the striking Sanctuary of San Luca, a traditional destination for the walks of the Bolognese and one of the city’s most beloved symbols. And not only by foot, but also by bicycle it is possible to reach this fascinating destination.

San Luca, source: www.bolognawelcome.com

Bike tours during the Cycle Tourism Show

To discover the territory of Bologna by bike, the following have been created two special Bike Tours for visitors to the Show.. With your own bicycle or with a rented one, you can choose to ride a nature trail and a cultural trail.

Nature Itinerary Program – Saturday, April 6

Difficulty: easy | Height difference: none | Length: about 13 km | Duration: about 2 hours | Departure time: 4:30 p.m.

It starts from DumBO, site of the Fair, and travels along the Reno River Cycle Path to the Certosa Monumental Cemetery. We reach Talon Park and then make a brief stop at Little Meadow with a view of the Casalecchio Locks. This is followed by a break at the Chiusa Farm for an aperitif with tasting (wine, tigelle with local cheeses and cold cuts, honey and mead). The return is on the Reno bike path to Cavaticcio Park where the tour ends.

Cultural Itinerary Program – Sunday, April 7

Difficulty: easy/medium | Difference in altitude: some slight ascent | Length: about 12 km | Duration: about 2 hours | Departure time: 4:30 p.m.

It always starts from DumBO and travels along the Reno Cycle Path to the Certosa Monumental Cemetery.
The route continues through the area of the Stadium, the Meloncello Arch, and after the Portico of Via Saragozza we arrive at San Michele in Bosco. After the descent to Giardini Margherita we stop for an aperitif. The tour continues downtown. We finish the tour after a tour of Cavaticcio Park and end the tour.

Meeting point for tours: DumBO Entrance, 19 Camillo Casarini Street.

Participation fee: Full € 25 | Reduced: € 15 (children up to 12 years old, self-employed on bicycles without extra wheels). Additional bike rental service: € 10

For information and to purchase tours, visit ExtraBO’s website

(Photo credits: opening image is by Bologna Welcome)