Pedaling through ancient oaks, monumental olive trees, and dense Mediterranean scrub, which cast majestic shadows, reveals a wonderful and unexpectedly captivating Apulia to the eyes of the bicycle tourist.

Thousands of kilometers from Gargano to Salento, to be traveled by bicycle along ancient trails, country roads and low-traffic roads. Bicycle touring in Apulia offers the flexibility to create routes tailored to individual preferences, desired difficulty levels, and personal interests.

Apulia - Puglia

It is not necessary to be trained cyclists. Indeed, each proposed itinerary can be divided into multiple stages and tailored to various durations, including week-long trips, day excursions, or extended weekends. Between stops, travelers can discover gastronomic specialties, explore museums, visit villages, and explore art cities. A journey of culture and wellness.

A Region to be discovered slowly

Cycling through Puglia is a unique experience, yet it continually transforms with each season. The invitation is to discover it all, slowly. That’s why Puglia is working on structuring several bicycle routes to make your experience on two wheels unforgettable. Below are our suggestions (work in progress) to do by gravel or mountain bike.

Apulia - Puglia

Apulian Aqueduct Cycleway

A journey along the Via dell’Acqua made of landscapes, villages, but also a priceless heritage of industrial archaeology related to the most important engineering work ever built in Italy. In Apulia, one can start from Castel del Monte and-going through the Alta Murgia National Park-come, from one UNESCO site to another, to Alberobello, in the Land of Trulli. From here, head southward, departing from Manduria, renowned as the city of wine. Traverse the entirety of Salento until you reach Santa Maria di Leuca, where the embrace of two seas signifies the journey’s end. Diverse landscapes and flavors await the traveler, leaving them with a sense of joyful multiplicity.

Ofanto Cycleway

Follow the course of a very ancient river, the Aufidus, to traverse lesser-known Apulia on two wheels. The route winds through the Ofanto River Regional Natural Park, traversing agro-pastoral landscapes adorned with Roman vestiges. It alternates between the rolling hills of Irpinia and the expansive plains of the Tavoliere. It starts at high altitude from Rocchetta Sant’Antonio to reach the plains, first in Cerignola and then in Canosa, where it is possible to visit breathtaking archaeological sites. From here, we journey towards the sea, reaching the mouth of the river mentioned by Polybius. Our adventure culminates on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, amidst the shimmering reflections of the salt pans of Margherita di Savoia.

Apulia - Puglia

Appian Way

A bike route that is a true cultural itinerary, an open-air museum made up of archaeological sites of inestimable beauty. In Apulia, one can embark on a two-wheeled adventure starting from Gravina in Puglia, ancient Silvium. After traversing the verdant expanses of the Murgia, you’ll arrive in the Land of the Gravines, distinguished by the largest canyons in Europe. Continuing onward, you’ll reach the Ionian Sea, arriving in the city of Taranto. From there, journey through Grottaglie, Oria, and Mesagne, ultimately arriving at Brindisi, the most significant Adriatic port in Roman times, renowned as a true gateway to the East.

Via Francigena

A cultural itinerary uniting Europe, from Canterbury to Santa Maria di Leuca. In Apulia we start by the green landscapes of the Dauni Mountains, between Faeto and Celle San Vito, then reaching the Tavoliere, passing through the rural villages of Stornara and Stornarella; from here we point to the centers with medieval vestiges of Andria, Corato, Ruvo, Bitonto and Bari, where you gain the Adriatic coast, which you do not leave until you arrive in Brindisi, touching Polignano and Monopoli. Traveling through the Salento region, one must admire the Otranto Cathedral, as well as savor the charm of its inland areas. A stop in Lecce is essential, where one can be captivated by the spectacle of Baroque architecture and experience the warm hospitality characteristic of Salento.

Via Peuceta, Via Ellenica and Via Jonica of the Materano Way.

Three different routes that allow you to cross Apulia as you never have before. The first two proposals can be accomplished in a simple weekend: the Via Peuceta makes it possible to start in Bari and arrive in Basilicata, in Matera, through the ancient transhumance routes of the Alta Murgia National Park; The Hellenic Way in the Land of Olives, on the other hand, starts from Brindisi and goes all the way to Alberobello, passing through the beautiful landscapes of the Itria Valley. The Ionian Way requires a few more days and is worth experiencing especially out of season. Indescribable to pedal having the sea of Porto Cesareo, Maruggio, Marina di Lizzano beside you: impossible not to give in to the temptation of a dip in the crystal clear water.

The Route of the Two Seas

A coast-to-coast route linking the shores of the Adriatic with those of the Ionian Sea. A bike ride from sea to sea, starting in the town of Domenico Modugno, Polignano, to touch the natural beauty of the Caves of Castellana, the sophistication of the architecture of Martina Franca and then come to the cradle of Magna Graecia, Taranto, where, upon reaching the destination, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while watching the sun dip into the waters of Falanto.