“Group Tours” is a new feature that allows komoot users to turn any planned Tour into a shared adventure.

Komoot has launched “Group Tours,” a new feature that allows users to turn any planned tour into a shared adventure. Now it is possible to organize rides, bike rides and group tours with a simple tap and share them via QR code, even just before the activity begins. Enjoying the outdoors in the company of others has never been easier, because both those organizing the Tour and those participating can focus on the route to be followed-with the assurance that everyone will walk the same path. In addition, with real-time route updates, Tours can be modified and updated on the go, thus achieving maximum flexibility during the adventure-all participants are notified instantly about changes to the route.

Easily organize shared adventures

After creating a Tour with the Tour Planner or finding one through komoot’s Explore map, users can now select “Organize a Group Tour” and thus generate a QR code to share at any time with those who wish to join the activity.

You can also invite people through apps or links.

At this point, participants can follow the route from their phone or the komoot Connect IQ™ app and enjoy the experience at their own pace. Both organizers and participants can be assured that no one will stray from the planned route.

Replans and updates on the go

Whether it’s a detour due to mechanical failure or a coffee break mid-adventure, Tour organizers can always re-plan the route and thus have maximum flexibility on the go. In fact, Komoot will send a notification to all participants with the modified route-this way, even those who have lingered to take a photo mid-hike or to repair a puncture will avoid getting lost and straying from their companions.

Stay connected to the community

Whether it’s a post-work social ride, a club run or a weekend family outing, organizing a shared adventure-or participating in one-has never been easier or more inclusive. Gone are the days when you had to worry about keeping up with the group at all costs or, if you were driving, picking off people behind you: now each participant can follow the Tour at his or her own pace.

Group adventures can be arranged regardless of the respective user’s Tour privacy settings. If a Tour is set as “private,” only invited people can view it and start browsing it.

Plan your next Tour and turn it into a shared adventure with the new “Group Tour” feature.