Concorso Ciclo Corti di Viaggi Lunghi Fiera del Cicloturismo

Tell about your journey

Tell the story of your trip with a video and enter the Cycle Tourism Show’s video contest to win the coveted “Golden Pedal” prize (which is not really golden).

There are no limits of techniques, places, time, colors and flavors.

“Ciclo Corti di Viaggi Lunghi ” is a public contest open to anyone over the age of 18 sponsored by the Cycle Tourism Show, for the conception and realization of video reports, unpublished and unpublished, which will have as their subject the story of a bicycle journey.

All information and details for participating can be found in the call for entries, available on this page.


Contest will be open from 01/17/2024 to 03/03/2024 .Entries must be submitted no later than the entry deadline.

Online voting period

The contest ranking will be based, in part, on online voting from 08/03/2024 to 31/3/2024. Any changes will be announced promptly in the dedicated section at


The award ceremonies will take place on the stage at the Cycle Tourism Show in Bologna, April 6, 2024.

For more information contact us at [email protected]

Participate now

A Google account is required to complete the entry form.Alternatively, the required data can be emailed to [email protected], uploading the files defined in Article 4 of the Call for Entries to a file-sharing service of your choice (e.g., Wetransfer)