Abruzzo Region

Specialitytourism promotion board

Awarded in 2020 with the Italian Green Road Award (the Italian cycle tourism Oscar) for its project Bike to Coast. The award i due to the presence of hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths, mountain bike trails and downhill circuits, as well as numerous road routes designed evenly throughout the region, Abruzzo is a favorite destination for two wheels lovers.

Between unspoiled nature, wilderness attitude, protected areas, historic villages, archaeological and cultural sites, places of the spirit and food and wine excellence, resides in the multitude of its own identity aspects all the uniqueness of Abruzzo, a region that can be appreciated even more when observed at the slow pace of cycling.

Abruzzo Bike Friendly is the brand with which the Abruzzo Region has long been committed to the promotion of a complex network of accommodation and complementary services. “These services aim to foster the development and qualification of the cycling tourism offer, raising the overall quality of the experience. It’s a proposal for everyone, from the sporty bike enthusiast to the hiker who loves soft mobility and chooses to combine physical activity with the discovery of the wonders of the territory through cycling, all in complete freedom. This initiative aims to enhance increasingly active and sustainable tourism that can be enjoyed year-round, with a focus on sports, nature, adventure, and fun.”