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Andalusia is a major cycling destination in southern Europe, which has ideal climatic conditions for year-round cycling.

Its varied scenery makes it possible to go from mountain to countryside or from beach to desert in a single day’s pedaling. Enjoying every nook and cranny and, at the end of the day, regaining strength with the products of the land and the secrets of its cuisine, is a different and very healthy way to discover Andalusia, do tourism and practice sports.

Andalusia has a great cycling offer, numerous events organized throughout the year, including the famous ‘Rallies’ or ‘Quedadas‘, which cover an important network of routes of all kinds and where every cycling enthusiast can find the place that suits their preferences.

More adventurous cyclists can opt for the Great Routes to enjoy authentic saddlebag tourism: TransAndalus, Transnevada, GR 247 Bosques del Sur, Camino Mozárabe or Gran Senda de Málaga.

In the MTB centers of Alcornocales (Cádiz), Nevada, Güejar Sierra (Granada), La Pandera (Jaén), Subbética Cycling Center (Córdoba) and Alanís (Seville) you will find specially designed routes with different levels of difficulty where you can train and improve your technique. The mythical mountain passes of Andalusia crowned in “Bike Tours” are an essential challenge.

Finally, for cycling families, the Vías Verdes de Andalucía are the best option; they present convenient routes, adapted even for people with functional diversity, and organize fun activities for all audiences.

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