ATL Terre dell’Alto Piemonte – Biellese, Valsesia, Vercellese

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The provinces of Biella and Vercelli, ideal destinations for lovers of nature and outdoor sports, are undiscovered territories for two-wheel enthusiasts.
The Biella cycling district, structured in hundreds of kilometers between white and asphalt roads, is the ideal destination for e-bike lovers, who independently or accompanied, can experience an area characterized by the great variety of views and terrain, from mountains to plains.

The province of Vercelli offers a complete bike experience, where each rider can choose the outdoor experience that best suits his or her needs and combine it with cultural visits and mouth-watering food and wine stops. Valsesia is rich of bicycle and pedestrian paths and white roadsin an extraordinary natural settings just a stone’s throw from Monte Rosa; you can find also cycling paths along the rice fields of the Vercelli area where the surprising blur of colors of the rice fields will provide a different wonder in every season.