ATL Terre Dell’Alto Piemonte – Novarese

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The Novarese region boasts a rich and diverse landscape, where the scenery transitions from the rice fields in the lower province to the rolling vineyard-covered hills, and further ascends to the foothills of Valsesia, as well as the breathtaking Lakes Maggiore and Orta. It is a land of waterways, plains, undulating hills, and vast horizons, radiating charm throughout every season of the year.

The Interreg project was born with the specific aim of promoting this expansive region through its network of bicycle routes. ‘In Bici a Pelo d’Acqua‘ (Cycling close to the water) is an extensive itinerary that centers around water as its dominant theme. Along this route, cyclists encounter rivers such as the Rodano, Toce, Ticino, Sesia, and Agogna, as well as lakes like Mergozzo and Orta, and an intricate system of irrigation canals that breathe life into the paddy fields.

These routes traverse the Vallese region along the Rodano River, skirting the base of imposing peaks, then continue through Ossola along the Toce River, and Cusio on the shores of beautiful Lake Orta. They further wind through the Novara hills, following the course of the Agogna stream. These are lands meant to be traversed slowly, enabling travelers to savor the beauty of nature, culture, landscapes, scents, and flavors. Pedaling gently leads you to the city of Novara, an architectural and artistic marvel recognizable from afar due to its towering dome that stands out against the surrounding rice plains. Here, you can cycle along the paths of irrigation canals and water channels that nourish the rice paddies. In spring, rows of poplars, historic farmsteads, and the silhouettes of mountains are mirrored in these stretches of water, where the magic of life is renewed by various species of birds that nest in the area, finding nourishment and an ideal place to spend the season. The rice landscapes transform as the months pass, transitioning from the blue of the water to the green of the first seedlings, and finally to the golden yellow of ripe rice in autumn.

Therefore, we invite you to discover this region, perfect for those who cherish two-wheeled adventures, as it allows you to experience slow travel in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the rich historical and cultural heritage, savor excellent food and wine products, and capture the nuances and distinctiveness of each place encountered along the Novara bike routes.