Cervia Bike Tourism

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Pedaling is vacation, and doing it in Cervia, an area rich in excitement and diverse landscapes, is fantastic.

While cycling, you can explore natural areas and discover valuable historical places, all while surrounded by silence.

You can also challenge yourself on the hills that host the Ironman trail and the Granfondo del Sale; it’s an ideal playground for everyone, whether you prefer road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, or e-bikes to explore the region while appreciating local views and delights.

Cervia Bike Tourism offers routes for everyone, ranging from short rides that can be completed in a few hours to multi-day tours for those who enjoy cycling vacations. Additionally, there are multi-day group tours guided and organized, such as the Salt Route Bike Trail and the Romagna Bike Tour.

The Salt Route Bike Trail covers 259 km from Cervia to Venice along the Po Delta coast, passing through beaches, lagoons, embankments, pine forests, and ferry sections that allow you to observe the flora and fauna without losing sight of the sea, its scent, and its delicious seafood.

The Romagna Bike Tour, although shorter, offers much more challenging terrain in terms of elevation. It winds through the hills of Romagna, from Cervia to Faenza via Bertinoro and Castrocaro, providing a series of ups and downs with ever-changing views around each hairpin bend. Here, you’ll find excellent wine and food, ancient hospitality, traditions, and medieval villages.

Additionally, there are one-day tours available, such as cycling in the pine forest or on the Savio Cycleway, along embankments, towards the hills, or towards Ravenna.