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Perched villages, dense forests and woodlands, high-altitude lakes, sun-drenched hills, ancient beech forests, UNESCO World Heritage sites and geosites, widespread museums, cultures and dialects, and food and wine traditions unrepeatable elsewhere are just some of the ingredients that the Ciclovia offers to two-wheeled enthusiasts who like to connect with places.
From Laino Borgo, in the heart of the Pollino National Park, to Gambarie in Aspromonte, crossing the Sila Park and the Serre Calabresi Park, the Ciclovia runs along the Apennine ridges. From here, looking east and west, you can see to see the sea from both sides, a unique suggestion that only Calabria can offer. At the endo of this long road, the splendid waterfront of Reggio Calabria, “the most beautiful kilometer in Italy,” as Gabriele D’Annunzio had to define it.

The track

With its 545 km, the Ciclovia dei Parchi crosses longitudinally the most “intimate” and authentic Calabria, enjoying the presence of four extraordinary protected areas over an area of more than 300 thousand hectares. A trail with about 11,000 meters of elevation gain that is mostly on paved roads with very low
frequency of cars but which has about 20 percent of exclusive-use routes, carved out on the line of the former Calabro Lucana railroad to the north, in the Pollino Park, and along the Sila lakes, routes that thanks to the constant action of the Calabria Region are constantly growing. On a road or touring bike, alone, in
group or with the family, the Ciclovia dei Parchi offer a formidable active vacation experience to everyone, including good food lovers, who can experience a truly satisfying taste journey here, in every season.
In 2021, the Ciclovia dei Parchi was awarded the “Italian Green Road Award” bicycle tourism Oscar.

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