Consortium of Green Routes of Girona


Greenways are old disused railroad tracks adapted for walking or biking. The trails are pleasant, safe, accessible and integrated into the natural environment.

They have their origins in the train tracks that traversed the landscape of the province of Girona, which over time have fallen into disuse and now have become trails that allow anyone who wants to to be able to walk them and enjoy the nature and culture of northeastern Catalonia.

The Girona Green Routes Consortium began managing these routes in 2003. The Consortium is the local entity that manages all the Girona Green Routes routes, created and integrated by the Province of Girona and the municipalities and provincial councils of the routes. Its main task is to carry out maintenance and improvement of the infrastructure, promotion of its use and expansion of the network.

2013 saw the creation of the Pirinexus route, also managed by the Consortium, a circular bicycle route that connects territories located on both sides of the Pyrenean mountain range and connects with EuroVelo8. It offers 353 kilometers of trails for bicycle enthusiasts, allows uninterrupted cycling with more than 700 markers signaling it, and connects two territories with sustainable mobility infrastructure.

The latest route integrated by the Consortium is called Pirinexus Litoral: a pedalable axis of sustainable mobility that crosses the coastal areas of Girona and connects with Rosselló. It is an intermodal axis, combining sections of the route to be traveled by bicycle and others by public transportation, whether train or bus.

Photo: Alvaro Sanz