Specialty: Outdoor Tourism

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is a multifunctional information concept hub dedicated to outdoor tourism located in the heart of the medieval art city of Bologna. It brings together in one place the features of an infopoint – with maps, brochures, trail credentials -, an outdoor-related experience store, and an event space that hosts educational moments and micro-workshops dedicated to everyone, even the youngest. A project that can tell a 360-degree story about tourism and the territory.

extraBO offers visitors an unexpected gateway to Bologna’s outdoor treasures along with all the information on cycle routes, trekking, parks and protected oases, but also on the cultural (museums, villas and castles) and enogastronomic side of Bologna’s territory: from the Apennines to the Plain, to the rolling hills of Imola.

We are divided into three areas to best tell the story of everything that is going on, but eXtraBO deals with one big area with so much to offer. TheApennines are located in the southernmost area bordering Tuscany. An area rich in mountains that lend themselves to exploration via historic trails, such as the Way of the Gods. TheImola Area, on the other hand, lies on the border with Romagna where the immense valleys are a land for cyclists and for those who want to reach one of Italy’s best-known racetracks: that of Imola. The Plain is located in the northernmost area and is characterized by the vastness of its flat lands. Getting around by bicycle is easy here thanks to an extensive network of cycle paths (the Ciclovia del Sole passes right through here), and it is not difficult to encounter villas and historic mansions.