Fondazione Biellezza (Biellezza Foundation)

Just a stone’s throw from the big cities, Milan, Turin, Genoa, and the international airports of Turin Caselle and Milan Malpensa, the Biellese region is an unexpected natural jewel, with an extraordinary vocation for outdoor activities and rich in artistic and cultural attractions.
Its valleys, hills, mountains and natural parks are amazing places, perfect for active holiday-makers. The offer for cycling enthusiasts is particularly rich, with routes for MTBs, e-bikes and road bikes that wind through extensive green spaces and lead to the discovery of unique scenery and breathtaking views. From the flat trails of the Baraggia and Bessa nature reserves, to the hilly enchantment of the Serra morenica with its views of Lake Viverone, from the climbs on Mount Casto, in Valle Elvo and Oropa Valley to the adrenaline-pumping Enduro Bike Park of Oasi Zegna and Rive Rosse, you will be spoiled for choice and the opportunity to discover new places is truly unique.
Let’s not forget the dedicated services, professional escorts, and accommodation and dining facilities capable of providing an experience of well-being and authenticity.¬†We look forward to seeing you in the Biella region – the ideal destination where you can experience a slow and sustainable vacation and regenerate yourself by following your own rhythms and passions.