Four Seasons Nature e Cultura

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FOUR SEASONS NATURA E CULTURA has been researching and creating new and surprising routes since 1993, away from conventional routes; we draw for you itineraries of varying difficulty, following as much as possible the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism, to be traveled on foot or by bicycle.
From weekend getaways to discover Italy’s naturalistic treasures, to “Cammini d’Autore” in which nature meets the richness of history and cultures; from cycle-hiking trips in Europe to more exotic and far-flung destinations around the world where unexpected and unspoiled paradises await you. Whatever destination is chosen, we design each itinerary down to the smallest detail to make the most of the travel experience.

Travel Aware

Accompanied by our guides, we always proceed in small groups to remain attentive to the environments we pass through. Each FOUR SEASONS NATURA E CULTURA guide is much more than an escort: he or she is a qualified professional who leads the group safely, discovering theidentity of the territories.
We work as much as possible with local communities, to foster sustainable economies: every destination is, first and foremost, someone else’s home. We try to pollute as little as possible when we move and offset the CO2 produced in our travels by helping to fund certified projects.

These are the principles that guide all our activities: those who travel with us know that they can have an authentic FOUR SEASONS NATURA E CULTURA experience anywhere in the world.