Green Karst

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The bustling landscape of the Green Karst invites you to discover the wonders of nature while also offering real sporting challenges.

Discover by bike one of Slovenia’s less-known destinations. The cycling experience will take you to discover the last unpopulated area of Central Europe, where they still dwell Europe’s three large carnivores: the brown bear, the wolf and the lynx. The forest abounds with interesting places that offer unforgettable panoramic views of the high karst. The bicycle route winds through the green forests of the Dinaric Karst, passing under high peaks, romantic castles and mysterious underground caves.

Hikers are particularly attracted to high peaks, such as those of Mount Snežnik (1796 m) and Mount Nanos (1313 m), from whose summit there are magnificent panoramic views. Snežnik is the highest Slovenian mountain outside the Alps, and its summit is a Botanical Reserve. Through the magical natural environment of the Green Karst there are numerous hiking trails of different levels of difficulty, some of which are also suitable for cycling. The karst polje with their lakes, castles and inns are also a source of excellent routes for medium and high difficulty bicycle tours. The picturesque environment of the Green Karst offers a variety of possibilities for those who wish to spend an active vacation.

The mysterious forests of the Mašun Plateau are an ideal place for off-road cycling On well-laid paths, shaded by ancient trees. Mašun’s longest cycling tour winds through the Mašun Plateau and is suitable for moderately trained cyclists.

photo Simon Špilar