La Via Silente (The Silent Way)

SpecialityCycle Route

La Via Silente (The Silent Way) is a 600-kilometer loop route, divided into 15 stages, that allows you to visit the Cilento by bicycle, discovering its scenic and historical-artistic beauty at a slow pace.

In almost 10 years of activity, the association has worked tirelessly to make the territory of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, attractive to cycle travelers, despite the difficulties associated with a significant elevation gain. But the advent of the e-bike makes it possible to overcome this limitation, even for those with little training. The Way runs through 60 municipalities and has about 90 accommodation facilities that have chosen to enter into an agreement with the association. The promotion activities carried out so far, thanks to the constant and spontaneous attention of the media and travelers, has fostered the entry of the Silent Way into the network of national and European cycling routes, ensuring visibility for the area and shifting attention from the coast to inland areas. In order to facilitate the use of the trail, signage with 266 tables has been installed. At our infopoint in Velina, we provide cycle travelers with printed materials (maps, silentine, Ediciclo guidebook of the Silent Way) and constant support for information and services before, during and after the trip. In the summer of 2022, we opened Ostello Km 9, in the same building where the infopoint is located. In this hostel, cycle travelers on the Via can stay overnight at the beginning and end of the adventure. The hostel is a place for sharing emotions, memories, reflections and advice on our proposed bicycle tour. We are able to guarantee 18 beds.


  • reception and support for the cycle traveler
  • affiliated accommodations and bike rentals
  • Hostel and infopoint at the departure/arrival point
  • app for android
  • dedicated signage
  • Information materials (map, paper guide, silentine*) *a document containing one’s personal details that certifies the presence of the cyclo-traveler on the Route and guarantees food and lodging at agreed prices. The owner of the accommodation facility, when welcoming the visitor, must place a stamp on the Silentina with the date of arrival and the name of the town where the facility resides.