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Speciality: Pathway and support network
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ReSilent Palace

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Photo credits: Emanuele Biondi

The Via Silente, a 600-kilometer-long loop bicycle touring route created about 10 years ago, embodies the essence of southern Italy. Passing through the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, it offers a mix of warm hospitality, excellent gastronomy, pleasant climate and cultural richness.

The route, which goes from the coast to the mountains, is a meandering between hills of centuries-old olive trees and quiet villages. The Silent Way is characterized by its abundance of water, an added value for those who will have to deal with its gradients, which are not always easy.

Over the years, the Silent Way has been recounted by hundreds of cycle travelers in a mosaic of stories and adventures.

The year 2024 marks a step forward with theopening of ReSilent Palace. This historic building, renovated and converted into a 30-seat hostel, is the new starting point for the Way. Equipped with common areas, travel bookstore, bike rental, the infopoint, and the bike club, it is the ideal place to start this adventure.

The Via Silente is not just a bicycle touring route, it is a journey into the soul of southern Italy, where nature and culture blend with local hospitality.


  • reception and support for the cyclo-traveler at Resilente Palace, headquarters of the Via Silente association
  • airport and train station transfer services
  • bike and travel bag rental
  • Hostel 30 places and infopoint at the departure/arrival point
  • Android and iOS apps
  • dedicated signage
  • Information materials (map, paper guide, silentine*) *a document containing one’s personal details that certifies the presence of the cyclo-traveler on the Route and guarantees food and lodging at agreed prices. The owner of the accommodation facility, when welcoming the visitor, must place a stamp on the Silentina with the date of arrival and the name of the town where the facility resides.