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At the Cycle Tourism Show you can find the “Temporary Mobility Hub” to encourage bicycle access to the event for all visitors.

On the occasion of the Cycle Tourism Show, which will take place in Bologna Milan next April, Shimano Italy is committed to making it more accessible and safe for cyclists to enter the event dedicated to them.

The Temporary Mobility Hub will be able to accommodate up to 500 bikes inside in a secure environment capable of offering first aid service by the Shimano Service Center if needed.

The temporary installation, for the benefit of city mobility, is in continuity with the realization of the Mobility Hub (indoor bike stall, assistance space, changing area, lockers, showers) in the spaces of the new Milan headquarters of Shimano Italia.

The Temporary Mobility Hub expresses Shimano Italia’s desire to facilitate the use of bicycles in everyday life by creating a positive impact on society in line with the company’s philosophy:

Closer to People, Closer to Nature – “Promoting health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.”

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