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Spain is an ideal destination for bicycle enthusiasts. Its geographic diversity and beautiful climate allow for year-round bicycle touring.

Here are the different types of routes: Vías Verdes: more than 3,200 kilometers of decommissioned railway lines have been transformed into bicycle touring routes. There are more than 120 trails available and the distances vary widely (from 1 to 100 kilometers). Caminos Naturales: Throughout Spain there are more than 10,300 kilometers of nature trails. They include ancient railway lines, waterways, transhumance routes, paths, etc. EuroVelo routes: many stretches of the Mediterranean area in Spain are set up perfectly for bicycle touring, e.g. theEuroVelo 8 itinerary which runs from Cadiz to Athens.

In addition, Spain boasts some of the most beautiful and best-marked routes in Europe: primarily the Camino de Santiago Way of St. James. Several routes converge in Santiago de Compostela: the French Way (from Roncesvalles); the Aragonese Way (from Somport), the Northern Path, which runs along the North Atlantic coastline, the Primitive Way (from Oviedo), the English Way (From Coruña/Ferrol), the Portuguese Way (from Lisbon/Porto), The Basque Way of the Interior, and the Lebaniego Way. The Camino del Cid runs in the footsteps of medieval knight Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar through interior Spain (From Burgos to Valencia). The Channel of Castile: an ancient river navigation route and one of the most beautiful routes in Castile and Leon.

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Region of Valencia Costa BlancaValencia’s cultural and natural heritage is of astounding beauty and variety. Villages perched on hilltops, fortified towns with a medieval character, seaside residential centers, spas, hermitages, monasteries, castles, snow wells, prehistoric caves with cave paintings, royal sheep-tracks, ancient mule tracks, and endless hiking opportunities: these are the centuries-old evidences of a man-made landscape that fascinates the visitor. Virtually all types of landscape are found in the Region. An extraordinary diversity due to the abrupt irregularity of the geography, its dichotomy rather than its altitude: mountain-coast, hills and valleys, sun and shade, snow and sea.

Valencia offers everything a bicycle tourist wants to find on a trip. From fully equipped MTB Centers, to Green Routes and bicycle tourism projects such as Vall d’Albaida, with detailed routes and quality accommodations specializing in sports tourism. The Valencia Region leads the way in Europe in infrastructure provision for cyclists.

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Cycling is one of the most established products in theprovince of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca cwhich reveals impressive mountains, extensive beaches and excellent road conditions.

Also Benidorm, thanks to the varied geography and mild climate, allows for year-round cycling. The roads and trails that wind between the coast and inland offer paths for all levels.

Finally, the Valencia region is traversed by 13 greenwaysi (former disused railways) for about 200 km. By walking through them, the traveler can learn about the history, culture and nature of the Valencian area.

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Spain Aragon (Valle de Benasque)Aragon is an ideal area for practicingmountain biking and cyclotourism due to geographic and landscape diversity, extensive network of secondary roads, and climate. There are trails of all levels, many suitable for families as well. Excitement and adventure are the ingredients of adventures in the Pyrenees, in the rugged Iberian mountains of Zaragoza and Teruel and in the surprising plains of the Ebro valley.

On the website are collected the 300 routes that represent Aragon’s offerings for mountain bikers.

Finally, don’t forget the great bicycle paths, such as thea Transpirenaica and the Ebro Natural Trail, and emblematic greenways (Greenways), such as the Val de Zafán which ends in the Mediterranean Sea, or that of Ojos Negros, the largest in Spain. In addition, Aragon is crossed by theEurovelo “Iberica” itinerary from Lisbon to Toulouse which covers the territory from south to north.

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Tenerife Cycling Carretera Parque Nacional del TeideTenerife is a well-known destination for its privileged climate, unique natural spaces and gastronomic, cultural and historical offerings. Another key ingredient of his fame is. sustainability, which led it to be recognized as a Destination Biosphere for developing various projects in the areas of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

In recent years, the island has increasingly become a destination of choice for those who wish to enjoy outdoor activities and sports, particularly when related to two wheels, whether it be MTB, road or professional cycling.

Tenerife’s attractiveness also comes through services, including the bike-friendly hotel facilities, which offer specific services: from space to safely store bicycles to repair shops and bicycle rentals of all kinds.

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