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Terres Monviso is the cross-border project that unites Italy and France in order to enhance the tourism offer through the networking of operators, routes and territories. Included in the project are the Infernotto, Po, Varaita, Maira, Grana and Stura valleys and the Saluzzo plain on the Italian side, and the Guillestrois, Ubaye and Queyras on the French side. This area has a strong tourism vocation related to cycling, think of the sporting successes of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia carried out on the more than 16 mountain passes in this area. There are numerous routes and about 3 thousand kilometers of cycling around Monviso, as well as a cycling tourism network for sportsmen and families involving 6 valleys in Cuneo Province and 4 French. This cross-border area is characterized as a decidedly exciting destination for road and mountain bike enthusiasts.

Scalate leggendarie (Legendary climbs ) is the cycling event that allows all enthusiasts to challenge, in the Lands of Monviso, the climbs that have inflamed the great stage races, from the Giro d’Italia to the Tour de France in some of its “escapes” in Italy. On roads specially closed to traffic, on traditional or electric bikes, you will be able to face the famous Colle Fauniera, Colle dell’Agnello and Pian del Re, to which are added the Colle di Sampeyre and Montoso di Bagnolo Piemonte for an exciting five-day consecutive cycling experience in the lands at the foot of Monviso, in July. Guaranteed hospitality with tour packages including overnight stay, bike storage, bike washing, and special breakfasts for cyclists.


Single days

Saturday, June 15 Colle Fauniera, Grana and Maira Valleys

Saturday, June 22 Pian del Re, Po Valley

Sunday, September 1 Colle dell’Agnello, Varaita Valley

The week (immediately after the move to Piedmont
Of the first stages of the Tour de France)

Wednesday, July 3 Colle Fauniera, Stura, Grana and Maira Valleys

Thursday, July 4 Colle di Sampeyre, Maira and Varaita Valleys

Friday, July 5 Pian del Re, Po Valley

Saturday, July 6 Montoso and Rucas di Bagnolo Piemonte, Infernotto Valley

Sunday, July 7 Montemale di Cuneo, Grana Valley

Monday, July 8 Colle dell’Agnello, Varaita Valley

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