Upslowtour Project

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Upslowtour is an infrastructure, maintenance and promotion project that has seen an investment of more than 400 thousand euros in the past two years and plans to invest more than 2 million by 2024. This initiative of Unione Montana del Pinerolese, aims to introduce the area to all lovers of outdoor activities and in particular cycling, thanks to its environmental, landscape, historical-cultural and food and wine treasures.

In the Pinerolo area, just a few kilometers from Turin, you will find the following offerings: 15 loop trails, each varying in technical characteristics and landscape context. These trails are equipped with a designated starting point where you can find an e-bike charging station, a bike rack, a ‘cycle-totem’ (for routine bicycle maintenance), and an information panel. On challenging routes, you will also encounter an ‘intermediate station,’ similarly equipped like the starting points. The entire trail is marked with dedicated signage.