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In 1966, Albert Thiemann founded a company with the goal of marketing bicycles and technical items. Since then many things have changed. From a wholesale bicycle and parts distribution business, we have become an international bicycle manufacturer. Steady growth and specialization in customized production have made VELO DE VILLE a successful company at the national and European levels. Despite this, we have managed to maintain the core values of humanity, uniqueness and diversity, which continue to guide our actions today.

At VELO DE VILLE, each bicycle/ e-bike is hand assembled in Germany according to customer specifications. By the term “Custom Made,” we mean not only a perfectly tailored product for each type of customer, but also a high quality standard, an almost personal relationship with each product, and a sustainable production philosophy without overproduction. These features are unprecedented in the industry and make VELO DE VILLE a unique brand.

VELO DE VILLE represents uniqueness, individuality and diversity. We offer quality and craftsmanship from Germany and believe in sustainability and social responsibility. Our customers rely on us for comfortable, healthy and economical mobility in daily life and leisure.