A space for the little ones

Within the Cycling Tourism Fair, there is an area where children can have fun and experience physical activities in complete safety. We all know how little time our children and grandchildren dedicate to daily physical activities and how this lack can lead to numerous problems, both physical and psychological.

For this reason, the Cycling Tourism Fair has decided to create a space dedicated to children, to make them aware of the importance of a physically active lifestyle and to teach them how to ride and move autonomously and safely even on the road.

Through playful workshops, led by qualified instructors, children can have fun and ride together, even without the presence of parents, who can visit the Cycling Tourism Fair with peace of mind.

Our children will be able to pedal, climb, run, jump, throw, and experience all the basic motor skills and have a blast, socialize with each other, and spend a day full of fun and laughter.

Laboratory capacity

From 4 to 8 years: 5 children
From 8 to 14 years: 10 children

Laboratory times (Saturday and Sunday)

Morning: 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm
Afternoon: 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

Duration of the workshops

60 minutes

What children will find in the Kids Area

Once inside the Kids area, children will have the opportunity to participate in various recreational and sporting activities.

Bike Area

With a gymkhana and obstacle course, where qualified instructors will teach them to pedal safely and move around the city, also learning the basic rules of the highway code.

Parkour Area

With jumps, bars, rings and mats, where they can experiment with using their body and improve their motor skills, motor control and coordination.

Yoga and relax area

Where certified instructors will guide them to discover this ancient discipline that will allow children to learn the importance of breathing and body control.


Access to the Kids Area

To access the kids area it will be possible to book, the workshops will close when the maximum capacity is reached. The workshops are all free.

At the entrance to the Kids Area there will be a Welcome Desk, where the staff will welcome the children, who will always be entrusted to the staff and instructors, in order to guarantee maximum safety. Entrance to each laboratory is free while places in each laboratory are filled.

What is needed to access the areas intended for children

Parkour and Yoga areas

  1. Comfortable clothes
    To allow children to move freely (tracksuit is preferable).
  2. Anti-slip socks
    Shoes cannot be worn on the mats.

Bike Area

  1. Bicycle
    If the child does not have a bicycle, he will be able to rent one for free (while supplies last);
  2. Helmet
    If the child does not have a helmet, he or she can rent one for free from those made available by Shimano, partner of the Kids area.

Instructors and insurance

All children will be followed through specific one-hour organized workshops. Each laboratory will be held by qualified instructors with proven experience. Two supervisors will always be present for the correct management of the carrying out of the activities.

During the entire duration of the event, the KIDS area will be covered by specific third-party sports insurance to cover any damage.

Important: parents will have to sign a liability waiver to leave children alone in the Kids Area.

The Kids area is managed in collaboration with Eden and Fiab Bologna