Area kids

The Kids Area is a safe space dedicated to children, where they can engage in physical and playful activities.

Our mission is to raise children’s awareness of the importance of an active lifestyle and to teach them to independently and safely ride, even on the roads.

Through playful workshops, taught by qualified instructors, children can have fun and ride together, even without the presence of their parents, who can visit the Cycling Fair in peace.

Entrance to Kids Area

A Welcome Desk will be situated at the entrance to the Kids Area, where our staff will warmly greet the children. They will be under the constant supervision of staff and instructors to ensure their safety Admission will be free without reservation, subject to availability of each workshop (NB: workshops will be defined soon).
The bike area will be accessible to children with bicycles and helmets. Children without their helmets will not be permitted to access the bike area, even if they bring their own bicycle or other equipment. There will be free rental helmets available, subject to availability.
Comfortable clothing that allows children to move freely, such as tracksuits, is preferred for entry into the Kids Area.

Instructors and insurance

Every child will receive individual attention through dedicated one-hour workshops. Qualified and experienced instructors will lead each workshop .
At all times, two supervisors will be present to ensure the proper management of the activities.
Throughout the entirety of the Fair, the KIDS Area will be under the coverage of suitable third-party sports insurance to handle any potential damages..
Vital: Parents must sign a liability waiver to allow children to be unaccompanied within the Kids Area.