Specialty: consortium of municipalities involved in bicycle tourism

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As NoiMarcheBikeLife we want to welcome youin our region, Marche

Behind this appellation lies a singular territory, encompassing very different landscapes that include sea, mountains and hills.
We are a group of 29 municipalities in the Marche region ready to welcome and assist bicycle tourists along the traced and tested routes from the sea to the mountains.

The territory of the Marche

Marche region has always been a crossroads of different cultures, as well as considered a true gateway to the East, thanks to its location in the Middle Adriatic area.

Protected to the west by the Umbro-Marchigiano Apennines, in the past they were home to important municipal centers. The people of Marche have known both the pontifical denomination and that of various lords, until they actively participated in national reunification during the Risorgimento.
If you are looking for color, nature and art, this region is the ideal place to create unforgettable memories. The yellow of sunflowers, the green of nature parks, the red of traditions and folklore, and, again, the deep blue of the waters await you on your bicycle.

You will explore the beauty of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, a mountain range that is home to the region’s highest peak, Mount Vettore.
There is also no shortage of green hills in summer and golden in autumn, forests to explore, and olive groves as far as the eye can see. The coast is characterized by seaside resorts with equipped beaches, but also by wild bays.
This land is a true diffuse museum, in which art cities and historic villages nestled among the hills, where true masterpieces are preserved.

We have created several carefully tested routes suitable for all kinds of cyclists.
Are you ready to ride? If your answer is yes, read on and choose the perfect itinerary for you.
Here we go!