Po and its delta

SpecialityDeltapoolservice Consortium

Hundreds and hundreds of miles of bicycle routes, on unpaved or paved roads, that follow the course of the Po and its branches as it reaches the Delta.

From the embankments one overlooks the landscape toward the countryside and the river that, slowly, is about to meet the Adriatic Sea. An area suitable for all types of cyclists, great for those who want to relax by moving outdoors in nature, wild for those who love mountain biking with its routes through forests and pine forests, and also good for those who pedal against the clock, with routes that exceed 100 km. Only one thing you can’t find: the climbs, at our place the mountain grand prix is won by climbing the embankment.

The Po Delta is a young land but rich in history, but here it is nature that dominates: river, sea, lagoons and fishing valleys are bordered by a series of routes connected by a network of bicycle routes, some of which can be done partly by bicycle and partly by boat.

The Deltapoolservice Consortium, in this context, is the ideal reference point with bicycle and e-bike rental, transfer and luggage transport services, H24 bicycle tourist assistance, cycle shops, bike hotels, qualified guides and escorts, but above all with 15 itineraries complete with GPX and KMZ track to reach the most significant places in the Park and Destination.