The Vision Area is the COLLECTIVE space for start-ups, small enterprices and NGO’s.

The Area Vision is the place to see the future of cycling tourism, discover new technologies and new ways of exploring destinations.

Tour operator specializing in cycle tours and trekking in Puglia and Basilicata. It also organizes day trips. Offers also family trips - with itineraries designed for children - and low-cost trips for young people.
20 resorts to satisfy any tourist. With Club del Sole, it's possible to spend a vacation in contact with nature in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Abruzzo, and Marche, in Jesolo and in the Upper Adriatic, on Lake Garda.
RideAlone offers a wide range of services to enable as many people as possible to learn about the world of e-bikes and experience a new nature and landscape on the go.
BikeSquare is the European platform for e-bike touring. With our app even the inexperienced can visit more than 22 destinations in Italy, Spain and Slovenia. For each area there are recommended routes that are affordable for everyone to ride independently or with a guide. We have also developed several services for companies involved in cyclotourism. Info:
outdoor romagna
Out.Ro is an ASD that was established with the intention of creating a close link between sports and nature through canoeing, mountain biking and E-Bike. Our goal is for people to discover and enhance the Romagna region in a healthy and fun way while respecting the environment. Outdoor Romagna ASD organizes canoe activities in the picturesque Ridracoli Lake and bike tours throughout Romagna.
Les voyageurs Bikepacking Expédition
Les voyageurs bikepacking expedition was born from the synergy of Esplora and Cyclovagabond. Traveling by bikepacking is the entry into a new dimension of exploration, at the right speed to proceed along the route and at the same time stop to admire the scenery, enjoy encounters with local people and traditions, immersing oneself in a pure and authentic experience. |
Bicycle Roma is a Green and engaging way to explore Rome, the Castelli Romani and Lazio by electric or muscle bike. We offer curated and safe experiences that allow tourists and locals alike to immerse themselves in discovering the culture, history and heritage of a place. Guests can pedal to their heart's content, participate in one of our daily Guided Tours or discover some locations in Lazio with our multi-day Bicycle Trips, viewable on the Bicycle Roma website:
Roma 'n Bike is the first portal on bicycle tourism in and around Rome. The project was born from the desire to let people discover by bike how much beauty the area can offer, promoting a more sustainable and affordable tourism. Sometimes what is needed is not bike lanes, but more sensitivity to those who would like to move in a greener way. We tried to figure out what services might come in handy for the local cyclist or tourist: thus was born Roma'n Bike, a platform to find everything they need to get around Rome by bike -