Canyon Pathlite:ON Superlight

Canyon introduces family and leisure bike, the Pathlite:ON Superlight

Exploring new destinations by bicycle is an experience that creates lasting memories and strengthens bonds. In the modern era, technological innovation offers solutions that are increasingly lightweight, versatile, and suited to meet the needs of families on the move.

Whether it is rolling hills, pleasant countryside or urban boulevards, bicycles provide an opportunity to share adventures and make lasting connections. A mix of lightness, functionality, and practicality combine to provide a pleasant ride for young and old, making vacations and bike rides a time of pure fun and discovery.

Canyon Pathlite:ON Superlight

The right bike for travel and the city

The new e-bike from Canyon, presented on February 29, 2024, is versatile and perfectly suited for off-road rides, but it also comes with functional accessories for urban cycling

The Pathlite:ON Superlight is a lightweight and versatile electric bike designed for people who want to combine their passions and needs in one bike.

This bike is great for bicycle touring, thanks to the rack compatible with most standard bike bags, which supports a weight of 27 kg-ideal for a two-wheeled trip. At the same time, the Pathlite: ON Superlight is also perfectly suited to everyday and urban travel. In fact, it mounts a complete package that includes lights, a durable battery and roof rack.

The big news is compatibility with child seats, which are easy to fit thanks to the MIK HD system that allows one-click assembly. Alternatively, you can attach a trolley directly to the rear pivot, and indulge in the convenient transport of 50 kg of babies, luggage or four-legged friends.

Canyon Pathlite:ON Superlight

The lightweight technology of the Pathlite:ON Superlight

The compact but powerful Bosch Performance Line SX motor helps keep this e-bike lightweight, so cyclists can more easily load it onto the car rack.

The Pathlite:ON Superlight has everything you need for carefree adventuring. The name says it, its strength is lightness. This e-bike will be easy to move and load into the car for cycle trips, and as a result, the pedaling feeling will also be “lighter” and more manageable.

Canyon Pathlite:ON Superlight

Speed, terrain and total weight (rider + bike + equipment) affect battery range: up to 85 km can be covered with 400 Wh of battery capacity on a full charge. For more accuracy, you can consult Bosch’s handy e-bike range calculator. For even longer days in the saddle, you can opt to mount Bosch’s slim 250 Wh PowerMore battery for extended range directly in the bottle cage. The extra 250 Wh of energy will power adventures from dawn to dusk.

Canyon Pathlite ON: Superlight

If cycling in bad weather conditions, lights are a must. Bicycles in this range are equipped with powerful lights (standard or to be purchased aftermarket depending on the model) that also offer high beam mode to illuminate dark paths, but without dazzling other cyclists and cars.
Ready to pedal? Strap on your helmet and go!

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Gazelle Eclipse

Royal Dutch Gazelle, over 130 years of lightweight bicycles

Royal Dutch Gazelle is a company founded in 1892. Bicycle manufacturer, located in Dieren, Gelderland, the Netherlands. The hallmark of its production are lightweight, high-quality bikes that provide riding comfort.

The goal set by Gazelle is to offer customers e-bikes that allow them to enjoy their leisure time to the fullest, safely. For this reason, research and development is continued, producing 300,000 bicycles a year with passion and dedication.


A bit of history

In 1992, Princess Margriet bestowed the title Royal to the company to celebrate its centenary.
The centenary in 1992 also coincided with Gazelle making its 8millionth bicycle.

Gazelle’s tradition of success continued over the years, and on October 31, 2005, the 12millionth bike was produced. On this occasion, the Gazelle Easy Glider, featuring the first electronic assisted pedaling, is finalized by a personal touch from the then Minister of Transportation, Karla Peijs.

In 2008, the 13 millionth Gazelle saw the light of day, followed by the production of the 14 millionth bicycle in December 2012, this time developed by Princess Margriet herself.

Since 2015, Gazelle has established a modern production facility, including an advanced center dedicated to innovation and production. Remarkably, Royal Dutch Gazelle holds the most extensive paint line in Europe, more than a mile long.

As craftsmen dedicated to bicycle maintenance, we insist on creating safe, comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing models . This commitment has led to the milestone of the 15 millionth bicycle in 2018, underscoring the continued dedication to excellence and innovation in the industry.



Gazelle’s long-term success also rests on theadoption of sustainable practices. Therefore, the integration of sustainability in the social, ecological and economic contexts is an essential component of business strategy, from conception and development to the production stage, the product itself and the sales stage. And the customers themselves then become witnesses to this concern for the environment, for it is through cycling that they help shape a better world: cleaner and healthier.

Royal title itself, encourages Gazelle to be ethically committed, to persevere in innovation, and to maintain a constant focus on leadership through the introduction of smart solutions, with the goal of making the cycling experience more enjoyable and smooth for all.

Gazelle bicycle models: travel, adventure and urban

Gazelle Ultimate

The ultimate feeling of freedom. This bicycle allows you to live your leisure time to the fullest. Thedriving experience is comfortable and sporty, and the design is innovative and dynamic. Featuring an innovative and dynamic design, Ultimate offers a truly fascinating aesthetic. Its features: dynamic look, built-in battery and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

Gazelle Eclipse

Limitless adventure. New scents, new colors. New places, new roads. The Gazelle Eclipse is the bike designed for adventures, a product where design, power and precision work together to explore the world.

Gazelle Medeo

Sportiness and comfort in the same bike. The Gazelle Medeo combines the best of two worlds. The performance and style elements are based on sports bicycles, and the comfort and ease of use are derived from urban bicycles. The result is a comfortable and sporty e-bike for getting around town easily and ideal for bike-to-work.

Gazelle Makki

For the whole family. The Makki model is designed with families with children in mind. As a result, the Makki is not just an electric freighter; it is a freighter designed with safety and comfort for adults and children in mind. With a well-thought-out accessory package, it can replace the second car: the front bench, Maxi Cosi adapter, child seat adapter and glove box allow you to carry everything you need. There is no shortage of rain hood and cover to protect cyclists in all weather conditions.

Gazelle Paris

Getting back to basics. In designing the Paris, Gazelle designers decided to take the e-bike back to basics: a rigid frame, a strong motor, a good price. Its Bosch mid-motor and low, wide frame make the Paris a very comfortable bike.

Gazelle Paris

Gazelle Avignon

Modern and comfortable. Comfort, convenience and safety are the main features of the Avignon model. This modern and durable e-bike is designed with all the necessary amenities to make daily cycling as enjoyable as possible. With its sleek design and integration of numerous components, the Avignon not only offers optimal performance but also looks like an attractive option for those who like elegance in their bikes.

Gazelle Avignon