Fiera del Cicloturismo – Cycle Tourism Show: save the date: April 5 – 6 – 7, 2024

Are you leaving for your next vacation? Before you finish packing, mark in your diary the dates of the third edition of the Fiera del Cicloturismo: April 5 – 6 – 7, 2024.

The Fair will still be in Bologna in the DumBo Space that welcomed us in 2023. Work is in full swing to organize an even richer edition of exhibitors and events.

Open days for the public: April 6 and 7, 2024

Destinations, tour operators, and manufacturers of bicycles and accessories will present their offerings to the public while on the TALKS stage there will be presentations, stories of travel and undiscovered lands, with a thousand ideas for imagining and preparing for the first or next cycling trip.

There will be also hands-on workshops, a board to find riding buddies and a dedicated bicycle testing area, and a large parking lot where you can leave your two-wheeler.

Children will have access to theKIDS AREA where they can participate in workshops dedicated to them.

The Forum for Operators on April 5, 2024

The Cycling Tourism Forum is the meeting point for cycling-tourism operators to get to know each other, network, find shared solutions to common problems, and learn from each other’s mistakes and experiences.

TARGET: DMCs, tour operators, travel agencies, cycling guides, hotels, destinations, tourism service providers.

Shimano and the Bicycle Service Station

Dear visitors,

we ask you to work with us to make the Bicycle Tourism Fair a sustainable event. In particular, we ask you not to create traffic and to reach us by bicycle. You will find a place to park it, becauseItaly’s largest temporary bike parking lot is ready, with mechanical assistance included.

In fact, Shimano, the world leader in bicycle components, after taking care of the bike parking for the first edition of the Show, reaffirms its commitment to supporting bicycle use with a 500-space bicycle service station.

Climate change and the livability of our cities are increasingly on the agenda, and everyday behaviors can often make a difference. To encourage the adoption of positive behaviors, Shimano has pledged to equip the Cycle Tourism Show with a service station that will be able to accommodate 500 bicycles in the space that would normally be dedicated to 50 cars and will revolve around the location of a Shimano Service Center where a qualified mechanic will assist visitors in solving emergency mechanical problems.

Rendering Shimano Parking
Rendering Shimano Parking

“As a company, we strongly believe that bicycling can improve our lives and the environment in which we live. That’s why we’ve been committed for more than 100 years to making reliable and durable components and to providing quality service to all who ride through a network of more than 90 Shimano Service Centers spread throughout the country. At the Cycle Tourism Show, we wanted to reiterate the concept by putting ourselves at the service of those who chooses the bicycle.” says Ilaria Deidda, country manager of Shimano Italy.

“Decades of urban planning studies show that if you create spaces for cars and traffic you will attract cars and traffic, while if you plan spaces to accommodate people, you will attract people. We are grateful to Shimano for renewing their trust in us and allowing us to offer temporary bicycle parking that should become the standard for every public event in our country. It is only through these small but decisive interventions that we can expect to successfully meet the challenges that the millennium poses to us,” says Pinar Pinzuti, director of the Cycling Fair and project manager of Bikenomist, the company that conceived the Shimano Service Station project.

Pictured is the Shimano bike parking lot at the 2022 Cycling Show

Catalonia: to be discovered by bicycle

In Catalonia you find a perfect mix of tourism, sea, vineyards, mountains, gastronomy, culture and traditions. The world of bicycling gives one the opportunity to enjoy it as one pleases. There are those who look for a way to do sports, challenging stages and mountain passes; those, on the other hand, opt for a much quieter vision, in which the bicycle shares the spotlight with landscapes, culture and gastronomy. Each of these experiences can be lived intensely in Catalonia, as cycling is one of the best ways to discover the essence of an area.

Cycling discoveries

This land of contrasts reflects extraordinary diversity and, for this reason, has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. Its natural landscapes are particularly suited to active tourism, interested in contact with nature and the regenerative experiences that come with it.

Tourist areas in Catalonia are the best way to identify the characteristics and peculiarities of each area. The Pyrenees, the Terres de Lleida, the Val d’Aran, the Costa Brava, the Costa Daurada, the Terres de l’Ebre, the coast, the landscapes and the city of Barcelona have become renowned cycling destinations due to their infrastructure and excellent services.

Whatever type of bike you choose-mountain bike, road bike, gravel bike, e-bike-the areas boast a wide range of offerings with a vast network of different routes: Greenways, fascinating stretches of road, bike routes, perfect and safe spaces for cycling.


Catalonia is ideal for a cycling vacation, thanks in part to the well-equipped accommodation facilities, service companies and accommodation agencies prepared for bicycle tourists and scattered throughout the territory.

Getting to know Catalonia to the rhythm of pedals will be a unique experience, riding itineraries full of attractions: mountain ranges and streams, ridges and hills, plains and agricultural fields, indelible images that will remain in the memory.

Val d’Aran: in the heart of the Pyrenees

The Aran Valley, with its privileged location, is the only Atlantic valley in the Spanish mountain range.. This gives it a wide variety of landscapes that allow it to enjoy nature in all its facets and in all seasons of the year.

The valley is a paradise for two-wheelers, with more than 800 km of approved trails for all levels, from the more technical and steep ones to family rides. Here you will find spectacular mountain passes, some of them the scene of the legendary Tour de France and, for the more experienced, vertiginous enduro circuits in the forests of Baricauba, La Tuca and Montromies Mountain.

Aran Valley
Aran Valley

A valley to be discovered through marked mountain bike and road trails, peaceful riverside walks connecting villages, or technical descents through lush forests.

Especially for MTB enthusiasts, they can refer to the Aran Valley mountain bike center, which offers more than 400 km of marked, approved and accessible trails at all levels, both for those who want to enjoy direct contact with nature and for the more demanding, lovers of technical trails, long descents and steep slopes. While those who prefer gravel biking will find an infinite number of route possibilities and paved surfaces to ride on in a wide variety of conditions, and at the same time they can ride comfortably and safely on natural trails, dirt, gravel, stone, grass or stone substrates.

Finally, thanks to e-bikes, the mountains have become accessible to everyone and cycling has become a family sport; in fact, the Val d’Aran presents a series of specific routes for eBikes that stand out for their low technical difficulty and beautiful routes.

Green Ways of Girona

Greenways are old disused railroad tracks that have been adapted for walking or cycling. The trails are easy, pleasant, safe, accessible and integrated into the natural environment.

They have their origins in the decommissioned train tracks that ran through the landscape of the province of Girona, which have now become walkable paths to enjoy the nature and culture of northeastern Catalonia.

Vies Verdes Catalonia by Alvaro Sanz
Vies Verdes Catalonia credit Alvaro Sanz

These roads have not stopped growing since the Consortium of Green Streets of Girona began managing them in 2003. In 2013, the following was realized Pirinexus, a 353-kilometer circular bicycle route that connects territories located on both sides of the Pyrenean mountain range and connects with EuroVelo 8. It is a product of the cross-border cycle tourism, which allows uninterrupted cycling, aided by more than 700 markers, between Catalonia and France, encouraging respect for the environment and promoting tourist activity. Pirinexus encompasses culture, history, nature, sports, wine tourism and gastronomy. In 2022, the following was also integrated Pirinexus Litoral, an intermodal axis, allowing for the integration of bicycle and public transportation, be it train or bus, that crosses the coastal areas of Girona and connects with Rosselló.

Aparthotel & Village Golf Beach

An ideal place to stay, which enjoys a favored location of easy access to the Green Streets of Girona and the Pirinexus network. The complex is situated in the very heart of the Costa Brava, 900 meters away from the beach and 4 km from the old town of the small medieval village of Pals, one of the most emblematic and welcoming corners of the Baix Empordà, famous for its historical-patrimonial heritage. Open year-round, it is surrounded by an enchanting natural environment and offers diversified stay options.

Cambrils, Bike Paradise of the Costa Daurada

Cambrils, a destination specializing in sports tourism for more than 15 years, is certified as a Specialized Cycling Destination because there are 9 bike-friendly accommodations, 3 certified bike rental companies, 2 travel agencies specializing in accommodations for cyclists, and 2 agencies organizing cycling events.

Cambrils is located in the south-central part of the Costa Daurada, in a privileged setting where cyclists, in just a few kilometers, go from pedaling by the sea to cliffs with splendid views of the coast and hinterland. It also has more than 24 km of bicycle paths that run along the entire coastline and through the urban section on the plains.


The Costa Daurada offers a variety of landscapes of great beauty, both coastal and mountainous, characterized by some places with very challenging elevation differences and countless secondary roads with almost no traffic and in excellent condition, as well as family-friendly routes. Mountain bikers will also find wonderful and remote trails.

Casa BART: the Bike Hotel at the foot of the Maira Valley

What happens when passion intersects with the desire to transform your life This is the story of Casa BART, a B&B that annually welcomes hundreds of guests who enjoy sports vacations in the Maira Valley. It specializes in providing services dedicated to cycling tourism.

Villar San Costanzo: This must be the place

While the Cuneo area offers an ideal terrain for cycling, boasting miles of roads that ignite excitement and quicken the pulse of bike enthusiasts, Villar San Costanzo stands as a small town strategically positioned at the nexus of various cycling destinations and more. From there, one can access legendary destinations that have etched their place in cycling history, spanning from Val Maira to Val Varaita and Val Grana. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to continue along the EuroVelo 8 route, dedicated to exploring the Mediterranean.

Casa Bart Augusta e Luca
Casa Bart Augusta e Luca

Augusta, a former marketing manager, and Luca, an ISEF graduate and athletic trainer, had no doubts when they found themselves choosing where to place their buen retiro dedicated to biking: this must be the place.

Casa Bart: love and bike

Born from the passion for cycling that brought Augusta and Luca together, leading to their marriage, Casa BART (which takes its name from the nickname used at Luca’s ISEF, his surname being Bartolini) emerges with all the services that they, as cycling enthusiasts, have experienced (or wished to experience) during their bike journeys. At their place, whoever arrives by bike or bicycle finds an alarmed bike room and a small bike repair room, the e-bike charging, bike rental, abike wash area, laundry, gym and massage, a super breakfast. Moreover you have the chance to request snacks for your trips as well as dine-in, transfer services, early and late check-in.
But at Casa BART you can really breathe the love for the two wheels. If Augusta channels her creativity in the kitchen, Luca shines as an exceptional Bike Manager. His expertise ranges from offering simple advice to discovering and sharing routes that predominantly traverse peaceful back roads, away from heavy traffic. He also can providie hands-on guidance, serving as a Bicycle Tour Guide for the Piedmont Region.

Casa Bart bike room
Casa Bart bike room

Gravel and Cycling Holidays

Being located in the lower valley, at 620 m asl, the opportunities for cycling around Casa BART are many and practicable almost year-round.
Riding a gravel or touring bike suitable for mixed terrains, there are easy and pedal-friendly half-day excursions, as well as longer rides that include substantial elevation gain. These journeys can range from extended rides to multi-stage trips, all aimed at discovering the territory.
Have you ever visited the Saluzzo plain during the period of peach and apple blossom? The Saluzzo area is renowned for its fruit crops: kiwis, apples and peaches, in fact. From March to May, the countryside is dyed in shades of pink and then white, and to slowly traverse the secondary roads that run alongside the orchards is akin to witnessing the rebirth of nature.
For those who, instead, love the history of small villages, a bit of elevation and cycling through the woods, the path of the Antiche Borgate (Ancient Hamlets) is an itinerary that leads to the discovery of some of the 93 hamlets that comprised the municipality of Roccabruna, located a few kilometers from Villar San Costanzo An intriguing loop that, before returning to Casa BART, includes the medieval village of Dronero, with its Devil’s Bridge, the ancient Riviera Mill dating back to the 1400s and still operational, and the suspended Tibetan bridge, hanging 20 meters above the Maira stream.
And if you love adventure, joviality, the mingling of different languages and dialects that, between a beer and an herbal tea under a starry sky, exchange tales of legendary bike journeys, know that Villar San Costanzo is grazed each year by the Turin-Nice Rally, a 700 km permanent itinerary from Turin to Nice, crossing the Ligurian, Cottian, and Maritime Alps.

Maira Valley Casa Bart
Maira Valley around Casa Bart

Road cycling and mountain biking

If you love climbing, asphalt, and challenging your limits, know that in the province of Cuneo, there are some of the climbs made famous by the Giro d’Italia: Colle dell’Agnello, Colle Fauniera, and Pian del Re. Not to mention the Colle della Maddalena and the Colle di Sampeyre. And if you approach climbs with an “ethical” mindset, all these legendary ascents are within a 50 km radius from Casa BART.
Every year in June, thousands of cyclists from around the world gather in Cuneo for the Granfondo Fausto Coppi, one of the toughest and most challenging races in Italy.
Since Luca and Augusta’s personal bike room also accommodates two mountain bikes, fun for wider tires is not overlooked, even in the lower valley.
The Strada dei Cannoni (Road of Cannons) is an iconic military road, built along the ridge between Valle Maira and Valle Varaita. It starts directly from Casa BART, reaching 2300 meters over a stretch of 56 km. Its main feature is the breathtaking panorama of the Maritime Alps and the Cottian Alps that can be enjoyed while traversing it.
Staying a bit lower but favored by its exposure, making it passable from March to September, Mount Pagliano offers several paths immersed in chestnut woods, fruit trees, and vineyards, many featuring varieties unique to this area, such as the Round Apricot P.A.T. of Costigliole di Saluzzo and the Quagliano grape.