Shimano and the Bicycle Service Station

Dear visitors,

we ask you to work with us to make the Bicycle Tourism Fair a sustainable event. In particular, we ask you not to create traffic and to reach us by bicycle. You will find a place to park it, becauseItaly’s largest temporary bike parking lot is ready, with mechanical assistance included.

In fact, Shimano, the world leader in bicycle components, after taking care of the bike parking for the first edition of the Show, reaffirms its commitment to supporting bicycle use with a 500-space bicycle service station.

Climate change and the livability of our cities are increasingly on the agenda, and everyday behaviors can often make a difference. To encourage the adoption of positive behaviors, Shimano has pledged to equip the Cycle Tourism Show with a service station that will be able to accommodate 500 bicycles in the space that would normally be dedicated to 50 cars and will revolve around the location of a Shimano Service Center where a qualified mechanic will assist visitors in solving emergency mechanical problems.

Rendering Shimano Parking
Rendering Shimano Parking

“As a company, we strongly believe that bicycling can improve our lives and the environment in which we live. That’s why we’ve been committed for more than 100 years to making reliable and durable components and to providing quality service to all who ride through a network of more than 90 Shimano Service Centers spread throughout the country. At the Cycle Tourism Show, we wanted to reiterate the concept by putting ourselves at the service of those who chooses the bicycle.” says Ilaria Deidda, country manager of Shimano Italy.

“Decades of urban planning studies show that if you create spaces for cars and traffic you will attract cars and traffic, while if you plan spaces to accommodate people, you will attract people. We are grateful to Shimano for renewing their trust in us and allowing us to offer temporary bicycle parking that should become the standard for every public event in our country. It is only through these small but decisive interventions that we can expect to successfully meet the challenges that the millennium poses to us,” says Pinar Pinzuti, director of the Cycling Fair and project manager of Bikenomist, the company that conceived the Shimano Service Station project.

Pictured is the Shimano bike parking lot at the 2022 Cycling Show