Explore Türkiye by bike with fully supported cycling holidays

Imagine a holiday where you cycle along the stunning landscape of Türkiye, surrounded by a community of passionate cyclists. Expert guides lead the way, ensuring an unforgettable experience, all within the lap of luxury.

Recently, Boostcamp, revered as Türkiye’s leading cycling holiday provider, is gearing up for a series of cycling “Camps&Vacations” that promise an immersive journey through the diverse landscapes of Türkiye. Tailored for amateur cyclists, these holidays are distinguished by their luxurious accommodations, providing a stylish and comfortable exploration of Türkiye’s scenic beauty. The driving force behind Boostcamp consists of some of Türkiye’s most skilled and experienced cyclists, offering a unique opportunity for participants of all levels to enjoy challenging rides and glean insights directly from the country’s cycling pros.

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Boostcamp’s cycling holiday packages pledge exhilarating rides through Türkiye’s spectacular landscapes. With approximately five cycling retreats organized each year, participants can choose from daily routes that wind through captivating destinations, tailoring their experience to their own capabilities. Accompanied by an expert trainer and a support vehicle, cyclists can enjoy the journey with peace of mind, knowing mechanical or emergency assistance is readily available. While no specific skill level is mandated, participants are expected to be proficient in riding with SPD pedals and have prior experience cycling in groups.

Boostcamp organizes cycling holidays in the Turkish Riviera, Aegean, Gallipoli, Cappadocia, and the Black Sea region. Each program spans four to five days and unfolds in a five-star hotel setting. Beyond the exhilarating cycling experiences, these vacations encompass daily recovery sessions, yoga, strenght training workshops, seminars, and evening dinners. Offering more than just a cycling adventure, these vacations provide an opportunity to forge connections with like-minded enthusiasts from around the globe, all against the backdrop of Türkiye’s enticing destinations.

cycling vacations in turkey

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist seeking a new challenge or a leisure rider yearning for a luxurious exploration, Boostcamp’s cycling holidays are a unique blend of physical activity, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Join the upcoming series and let the pedals lead you through an unforgettable Turkish journey.

Marmaris, the revenge on the mountains

The “Revenge on the Mountains” program, starting on March 26, kicks off the series with a five-day cycling extravaganza along the southern coast of Marmaris. Covering 500 kilometers and challenging climbs reaching 8,000 meters, the courses range from coastal roads to mountain ascents flanked by the region’s distinctive pine trees.

Each day, cyclists cover approximately 60 to 100 kilometers to different destinations surrounding Marmaris. For instance, the first day’s ride leads to Orhaniye, the second day offers options between a long ride on Sakar Pass or from Marmaris to Gökova. The full program includes afternoon yoga and mobility sessions, workshops, nightly dinners, a Saturday evening party, and daily Boostcamp meetings to discuss the rides and all things cycling.

Boostcamp’s cycling holidays cater specifically to urban cycling enthusiasts seeking challenges, new routes, and exploration. These trips provide a unique blend of exercise, regional cuisine, and top-notch accommodation, along with daily recovery sessions, workshops, seminars, and shared dinners – fostering genuine connections among like-minded individuals from around the globe.

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For information about Boostcamp Marmaris, March 26-30, 2024, visit: boostcamplive.com

is more than a bike tour

Kerim Sukan, the owner of the Boostcamp affirms “I envisioned Boostcamp as more than just a cycle tour. It’s a fusion of sport and pleasure, a harmonious blend that brings together the cycling community and local heritage. Through active holiday packages, we aim to provide an opportunity for those seeking to discover new territories, guided by experts both on and off the bike. It’s not just cycling; it’s an immersive experience, where every pedal stroke creates a new memory of exploration and connection.” Kerim is also the founder of the race “Queens” together with Santini and he is the organizer of “Istanbul 24h”, the 24 Hours Cycling Race. Kerim is also the founder of the “Queens” race together with Santini and is the organizer of the“Istanbul 24h.”

Create your own bike trip in Türkiye

Boostcamp provides cycling holidays for those who are seeking personalized tours aligned with their preferences: meticulously tailored, including non-riding activities, and travel preferences.

For more details on upcoming tours, visit boostcamplive.com